Pamchal Asia Company in 1999 with private property and Personal Finance Licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade started to work in the area of​​ 124 thousand square meters.

This factory consists of specialized sub-zero freezing and above freezing capacity of 40 thousand tons,dry storage capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters, packaging units, Sorting,  freezing tunnel, prepared food production that they are entirely at the current location of company in Shahriar in Tehran.


KooheYakh boarding cold storage, the latest unit of this factory, with more than 120 thousand cubic meters capacity in 22 double-circuit halls, infrastructure of over 16 thousand square meters of warehouse, which was builtin 2011 and the factory was exploited fully in 2013 and it’s one of the most capable cold storage’s in the Middle East.

Multi functional structure and special configuration of this cold storage in the logistics point of view are caused non-lasting monument in the industry.


So, carefully consider obligation and commitment to abide by the highest international standards in the construction and operation of this factory isn’t devoid of expression that the continuous efforts of all stakeholders and investors caused to establish this unit.

Currently, more than 400 people directly and for more than four thousand people in directly are working in these units.